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DM Plendorf's Characters and DM Avatars

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DM Plendorf's Characters and DM Avatars Empty DM Plendorf's Characters and DM Avatars

Post  Admin Plenzdorf Sat Jul 25, 2009 2:07 pm

User name: (Gamespy ID): Plenzdorf

Characters: Fyrian Greythorn (elven barbarian); Wongo Tek (Fey-folk Wizard); Esme Vylandra (Half-elf Ranger). See below for info on each.
DM Avatars: Cernunnos (primary). See the deities list for lore about Cernunnos.

Fyrian Greythorn

Raised in Wylanquost, the wild-elf homeland tucked away in the depths of Norwald Forest, Fyrian is a fierce fighter and a loyal friend. He struggles to control his rage, which always flickers flame-like beneath his cool exterior, threatening to erupt into wild fire.

Hair: Black with green and grey highlights.

Eyes: Hazel to Grey (varies depending on the light and on Fyrian's mood).

Skin: Muted green (green or grey skin is not uncommon among the Wylinquost).
Height: 5'6"

Weight: 135 LBS

Wongo Tek:

Those who know Wongo are impressed by one thing: his commitment to the arcane arts. Evinced through his diligent studies and ardent pursuit of things magical, Wongo's commitment to his art runs deep as the veins of arcane energy which are rumored to run below the stone of Dunn-Dunnkle, the Gnomish homeland. Still, despite his sometimes almost comically austere and serious demeanor, Wongo has a sharp wit and a strong sense of humor--especially when he drinks. When inebriated, Wongo is known to talk of his ancestral homeland, Dunn-Dunnkle. Though long believed to have vanished in the Sundering, Wongo claims he grew up an learned magic in Dunnkle, though he is normally tight-lipped on the subject.
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