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DM-dork-side-of-the-farce's Characters Empty DM-dork-side-of-the-farce's Characters

Post  DM-dork-side-of-the-farce Sun Jul 26, 2009 1:33 pm

This is a brief list of names and class, not much detail yet. I will post more when I have more time.

Shade-Ra (the "Ra" is pronounced as in "She-Ra") - Half-Elf Rogue/Fighter
Notable features: Voluminous mane of hair. Decidedly 80s quality. Think Han Solo meets Cherry Pie (see Shade-Ra's theme song in Misc. section)

Fenny Funfpetal - Halfling/Brindling Druid
Notable features: Speaks in a cockney accent and colors her hair with lyme to look more fierce in battle and to blend in with the woods around her.

Issa Swampleboam - Halfling/Brindling Bard
Notable features: You will find out when you meet the exuberant Brindling

Lula Brindybundle - Halfling/Brindling Monk
Just started this character, we'll see what she turns out like.

I think that's it for now... It may seem that I have a propensity for playing halflings Embarassed but this is just my current character list. More to come.

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