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The Order of Shyr

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The Order of Shyr Empty The Order of Shyr

Post  pieman102 Thu Aug 06, 2009 2:16 pm

((This is just to enlighten you to the Order that Caldur belongs to, please do not metagame this information, this order is after all very hush hush))

The Order of Shyr, or known to the members as The Order of Blood. This order was created for the sole purpose of training warriors to help keep the various evil creatures down. This order is a large secret that only a few select few of non-members know of. The leadership is broken down into three circles, The Circle of Wisdom, The Circle of Knowledge, and The Circle of Battle. All three are comprised of five members and both circles have equal say in most situations. Though there are some senerioes where one circle gets more power than the other two. The Circle of Wisdom deals with diplomacy and negotiation, while the Circle of Battle deals with decisions needed to be made in times of war. The Circle of Knowledge keeps track of important events, and keeps the history of the order safely locked away so that it may never be forgotten.
There is a fourth group of people, but they are not part of the leadership, their jobs are to go out into the world and find people worthy enough to be chosen to train on the order's hideout. These Recruiters are highly respected in the order.

Now the code of conduct is simple and follows into three parts:
1) Never kill an innocent.
2) Never give into greed, a happy life can be achieved without the need for large amounts of gold.
3) Never run from battle, even if death is certain.

Each trainee goes through a series of grueling training followed by five tests. The Test of Strength, The Test of Speed, The Test of Wisdom, The Test of Endurance, and The Test of Leadership.
One can't really fail to pass unless he fails all of them, these test merely decide what jobs the new member will get when he gets his Mark of Blood, which comes in the form of a tattoo of two entertwining dragons.


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