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Circle of Shadows

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Circle of Shadows Empty Circle of Shadows

Post  Admin Plenzdorf Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:12 am

The following description of this upcoming event appears on Neverwinter Connections as well. Players are encouraged to sign up on NWC as well, since the site is an excellent tool for organization and since doing so will help make Abred more visible to players looking for games to join.

Tharian Thorne, Knight of Lanyr seeks capable adventurers to investigate recent activity by the clandestine order known as the Den of Shadows. Dark, winged forms spotted circling the night sky, disappearances of livestock, and a recent assault by "winged horrors" on a troop of Lanyrian Knights suggest that the Den of Shadows has found allies among the infernal servitors of the dead god Varax. Only the brave (or foolhardy) need apply.

Come join us on World of Abred PW for a brand new campaign on a brand new server!!! Players who choose to join now will become an integral part of the server and help to bolster the role playing community already started there. Abred is a non-FR setting, and has over 20 years of pen and paper background material which promise to make it a rich and rewarding RP experience with rich lore and history waiting to be discovered!

Characters on World of Abred PW begin at level 3 and should find both challenges and rewards significant in this, the very first official night of what we hope will be an ongoing campaign, and the central plot of the PW.

New players are encouraged to show up early to set up their characters for the events to come.
Admin Plenzdorf
Admin Plenzdorf

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Circle of Shadows Empty Re: Circle of Shadows

Post  qdgyu Tue Aug 11, 2009 12:27 pm

this sounds like it is getting very intresting, cant wait for the event Very Happy

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