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Post  Admin Plenzdorf Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:50 pm

Most major Forgotten Realms deities have their equivalents in Abred, so your knowledge of FR may come in handy. The Gods and Goddesses in Abred are drawn primarily from Celtic Mythology and the names of these with their equivalents appear below.

Celtic God FR God
Arianrhod (moon goddess; mother goddess). Selune

Badb (cauldrons, crows, enlightenment). Itishia

Bel (God of Druids and the Sun) Silvanus

Blodeuwedd (Flower Maiden) Lathander

Boan (Goddess of Rivers, Druid Groves) Eldath

Bran the Blessed (God of arts, music writing). Deneir

Branwen (Goddess of beauty). Sune
Brigit (Goddess of Inspiration, Eloquence) Milil

Cernunnos (Lord of animals, hunting) Shiallia, Silvanus, Mielikki

Dana (patroness of wizards, mother goddess) Mystra

Diancecht (god of healing, rejuvenation)
Domnu (Ruler of the Dead) Kelemvor

Druantia (Mother of Trees, passion, sex) Chaunteau, Sharess

Dylan (Fisherman’s Friend) Valkur

Fionnula [Halfling Name Fionny] (goddess of Rivers, Swans, Bounty, Good Cheer) Yondalla

Flidais (Goddess of Woodlands, Wild things) Chaunteau, Mielikki

Goibniu [dwarven name Krahg) (Gov-nu) (God of Smiths) Gond, Moradin

The Green Man (Another aspect of Cernunnos) Silvanus

Gwydion (Lord of Enchanters) Azuth, Mystra

Gwynn Ap Nudd (Gwin ap Neeth) (King of elves and fae) Corellon

Lugh (God of skill, crafts) Gond

Macha (Goddess of War) Torm, Helm

Manaan Mac Lir (Lord of the Seas) Itishia, Umberlee, Valkur

The Morrigu (Goddess of the dead, the underworld) Orcus

Ogma (God of signs and symbols, also knowledge) Oghma

Pwyll (God of the Dead, the underworld) Kelemvor

Taliesin (God of bards, poetry, knowledge). Milil, Oghma

This list is as complete as I can really imagine in most respects. I know a lot more about most of these deities than is listed here, and of course, the correlation between Abred and FR is not always 100%, but this should help people know what the people of Abred call their gods, and the FR equivalents (or near equivalence).

I realize some FR deities are not represented here, but barring some possible small oversights of lesser powers, that is intentional for one of two reasons. 1) The missing god does not fit with the setting, and as such has no equivalent, and/or 2) The god is so similar to another FR god in terms of abilites/ domains that I did not feel it necessary to include them.
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