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A Small Rumor Around Town

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A Small Rumor Around Town Empty A Small Rumor Around Town

Post  pieman102 Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:44 pm

Words spreads of the newcomer Caldur limping back to Raven's Roost, from the looks of it he had a run in with a couple of war trolls. Shortly have sitting down for some well deserved rest a small brindling slave ran up to him with a problem. Turns out this small brindling was captured by the highwaymen down south, and he came to Caldur to fetch a highly valuable amulet....the catch was it was still inside the bandit's underground fort. So Caldur did what any other man would of done, he grabbed up his axe and headed south. Many hours later he returned to Raven's Roost, blood covered a good amount of his armor and an amulet was gripped tightly in his gaunleted hand. Could this man of really taken on the bandit fort alone?


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