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Gustiv Manguif

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Gustiv Manguif Empty Gustiv Manguif

Post  qdgyu Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:14 pm


Char: Gustiv Manguif
Apperance: Blue eyes, dark brown hair, fit, scar on lower lip, and on left arm.
Personality: Tries his best to do the right thing, somtimes can be a bit annoying to some with his chivlary attitude. known to be hot-headed and full of energy. is a bit akward around the Ladies Embarassed

Brief description: was raised by his cruel, but well trained, father and his Kind and loving mother. luckily, his mothers kindness and his father skills were applied to him, making a good person in the end. Always willing to help out somone in need(as long as it is a good cause). some more detail in actual char. description in the game.

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