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The History Behind Caldur

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The History Behind Caldur Empty The History Behind Caldur

Post  pieman102 Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:59 am

((That is right, it is story time! study Any comments as to if you liked it or not is always welcomed and yes if your character wishes to use a small chunk of this as a floating rumor, by all means let the RP begin, but please make things reasonable and as rumors tend to do they blow out of proportion....without further ado....))

Caldur grew up in simple conditions, he had a mother (Kairen), a father (Garen), and a sister (Alma) who both loved him very much. He was a shy type as a child, prefering to be left with his own devices rather than playing tag and pretend with the other children his age. The only person he confided in was his younger sister. The two of them were always seen with each other. They would go out and lay in the tall grass, or they would fish in the nearby lake.

Caldur soon became eighteen, Alma was seventeen, and the two of them were at their usual fishing spot when Caldur heard rustling in the bushes behind them. After exchanging confused glances with his sister he went to check it out. He only got two feet from the bushes when a monsterous bear erupted from its hiding spot. The territorial horror in front of Caldur immediate rose on its hind legs. But as the beast came upon him, he was pushed from behind...thus saving his life. When Caldur rose his head to see what had happen, his whole world crashed and burned before him. His sister's vacant eyes stared accusingly at him, the bear's claws biting deep into her chest.

His legs and arms forced him up as if by their own will and he ran, he ran as hard as fast as his trembling body would carry him. The image of his dead sister haunted his every thought. When he got home, he found he could not form the words to tell his parents. His only friend and sister had died in front of his eyes, the shock that he felt was brutal on the young man. Eventually he found the means to spit out the story, his parents and him mourned for a long time. The funeral was held two days later and thus ended a bloody chapter in Caldur's life.

Caldur was so disgusted that he failed to protect the only person he could confide in, that he begun to fight, he would start them for no reason at all. He left his house, at age 18, and blindly traveled from town to town, from tavern to tavern, searching for the next fight. Around his tenth bar fight he met someone that would change his life forever. The tavern was as normal as they come, Caldur picked a fight with a table of gentlemen playing cards. The fight turned sour for him and the tossed him outside and begun to beat him with clubs and fists. He had taken beatings before, but halfway into it one of the men was clawing at his throat. Blood oozed between his fingers, while everyone was busy staring dumbfounded at the man's bleeding neck two more men died. Caldur stared up to see a large man wielding two now bloody axes, a tattoo of two entertwining dragons adorned his right arm. The last man was luck enough to have the brains to run away.

The unknown savior helped Caldur up and introduced himself as Kalin. He offered young Caldur a chance to learn to better himself not only as a man, but as a fighter as well. He had no choice but to accept, and thus began his journey. Kalin led Caldur to a place where select people were taught to fight, and to learn to harness the power of emotions in the midst of battle. The tests were grueling and the training was brutal. He was taught many values, one of which was never accept payment for fighting, for that is what the order stood for. Four years later, at age 22, he was given the symbol that proved that he had passed his training and was ready to venture forth into the world.

He continued to travel for another seven years, getting involved with one war and several minor jobs. His travels soon led him to the small village of Raven's Roost. It was there he met an odd woman, a humorous gnome, and a short knight. He decided to stick around for a while and see what kind of challenges this town had in store for him. He can usually be found outside the town fighting, or you could swear you have seen this man reading an untitled book....but of course that could never be the case.


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The History Behind Caldur Empty Re: The History Behind Caldur

Post  Admin Plenzdorf Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:13 am

*From the Journals of Wongo Tek*

Hawthorn Moon, fourth day

A rather surly character in the Raven's Roost--a regular known as "Mac"--hired the services of myself and my fellows today in tracking down his missing horse. The task was made difficult by the carnivorous frogs and frogspawn that stalk the fens and bogs west of Raven's Roost, but luckily my two new companions were able enough with their blades, and I with my magic, that no serious injury befell us.

We came upon the horse at last, after a harrowing journey through the bogs, but the animal itself was made filthy--evidently the work of its deep dweller captor (who my new friends referred to charmingly, if ignorantly, as a "fish man").

At any rate, when we returned the horse at last to Mac (aftet a battle with the "fish man"), I was shocked that one of my new companions, the one with the dragon tattoos, refused his payment! He did not strike me as a battle-priest or temple-protector, so I do not know from where his strange sense of honor comes. But that's less important to me than the fact that I kept half of his share of the reward Mac gave us!

I must travel more with these new friends!
Admin Plenzdorf
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