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On the Races of Abred

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On the Races of Abred Empty On the Races of Abred

Post  Admin Plenzdorf Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:51 pm

Races: With the exception of Half-Orcs (who are replaced by half-ogres), most Forgotten Realms races are available; however, the nature of each race differs from its equivalent in FR.

Elves: Elves are known as the Avonquost (first people) and come in four main varieities, Valinquost (high elves), Wylinquost (wood elves), Manaanquost (sea-elves), and Untenquost (Dark Elves). Dark Elves are not playable on this server at this time.

Half-Elves: Half-elves exist with elven blood from each of the elven peoples described above. The most common are the Wylinquost, the rarest are Untenquost. Half-elves sometimes feel torn between the human and elven spheres, but they find acceptance within the Rangers of the Norwald, also known as the Ravens because of their preference for dark hued clothing, a powerful organization comprised largely of half-elves.

Dwarves: Dwarves are of two types, the Halgaar (mountain dwarves) and the Feldgaar (Hill Dwarves or Steppe Dwarves). All dwarves ultimately hail from the Stonehold Mountains, but the Feldgaar broke away from the mountain-home long ago to live as nomads, and the two groups have developed distinct and separate cultures.

Halflings: Halflings are known as "Brindlings" in Abred, and most hail from Brindle Hollow, the hub of halfling culture. Halflings are fond of song and merriment, and as such many work as filids (bards) travelling the land and regaling others with their music.

Gnomes: Gnomes are rare in Abred, but those that do make their way into the wide world away from the clandestine, ancient gnome stronghold of Dunn-Dunnkle thrive on their natural wit and arcane talent.

Humans: Humans on Abred are a diverse and eclectic group, subsisting through various and divergent lifeways, much as they did on earth in ancient times.
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