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Post  pieman102 Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:29 am

Account - pieman102

Character - Caldur Allomen

Generalized description
Age - 28
Height - 6'5
Weight - 250
Hair - Jet Black, it is usually a tangled up mess.
Eyes - Emerald Green

Interesting Marks - When he is not wearing his armor an intriguing tattoo of two entertwining dragons can be seen running up his right arm.

Mannerisms - This man is considered rude by many, but if people look past all his name calling and rough tone they can find a heart that is in the right place. Spending ten seconds with the man you would immediately figure our he loves to fight. From tavern brawls to ongoing wars, he is usually found in the middle of it (Whether or not he caused it). The strange thing is while he loves to fight, he refuses to recieve payment for jobs he is given. Any attempts to pay him with be met with the line "You be looking to insult me?" Best to not question it too much. As for looking for romance, he is not actively looking for it, he claims it is because it will get in the way of his hobby....but you can tell there is something he is not telling.


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